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Denver Swamp Cooler Repair

Maintaining and Repairing Swamp Coolers in Denver

Evaporative Cooler Repair Denver is something any homeowner with this type of cooling system may need at one point in time or another. Repairs may be prevented or delayed, however, with the proper maintenance of the unit. Individuals need to understand how a swamp cooler works and what they need to do to keep it in top running shape.

swamp-cooler-repair-denver.jpgSwamp Coolers Denver work best in areas of low humidity. The swamp cooler pulls outdoor air into the system, passes it over pads that are water saturated, and the water in these pads evaporates. Doing so cools the air by anywhere from 15 to 40 degrees, and this cooler air is pushed into the home. In the process, warmer air moves out through the windows. Windows must remain partially open to ensure the warm air escape. This is in contrast to central air conditioning units that recirculate air. The swamp cool provides fresh air constantly.

To avoid the need for a swamp cooler repair denver, individuals need to drain and clean the unit on a routine basis. This removes any minerals and sediment that have built up in the system. Some individuals assume they only need to clean the cooler thoroughly once a year, but regular maintenance during the season will help to avoid problems. If the cooler runs regularly, the pump, pads, reservoir, and filter need to be cleaned monthly. In addition, the pads should be changed at least twice during the cooling months. Cleaning the pad requires the homeowner know which type they use. Some may be washed, yet others require a weak acid solution to be cleaned. Furthermore, filters should be changed when the pads are cleaned or replace.

Denver Evaporative Cooler Repair may be needed even when the system is properly maintained. It's best to leave this task to a professional who knows the system and how to keep it in optimal running condition. The problem may simply be a loose wire or it could be more complex, such as corroded parts in the system. An experienced professional knows how to diagnose the issue and determine the appropriate solution. Contact JD's Plumbing Service to learn more about denver swamp cooler repair, as everyone needs to remain cool when the temperature begins to climb.

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