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    Thornton AC Repair

    Thornton summers are just around the corner, and getting your Thornton AC repair before the summer heat kicks in is the wise way to go. JD’s Plumbing experts are just a call away to give your Air Conditioner the repair and care it deserves!

    Our goal is to provide swift and timely service, which our clients love. There is no time to wait when your AC isn’t working. Stop everything you’re doing, pick up your phone, and give JD’s Plumbing a call. We are available Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 6 PM.

    What We Do:

    We pride ourselves on providing emergency repair services in Thornton, but we also book appointments for maintenance, tuneups, inspection, and servicing. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment with our top-notch certified HVAC experts.

    We deal in repairing, replacing, installing, and servicing all kinds of Air Conditioners, central or otherwise.

    Do I Need Repairs for My AC?

    Most Thornton homeowners only find out that something’s wrong with their AC when the damage has already been done. They only realize the problem when the apparent indications emerge like the AC unit is not blowing in cool air or the system breaks down altogether.

    Still, some homeowners choose to wait for the problem to subside on its own. Well, the truth is that the problem will never go away on its own. In fact, it will snowball and likely end up damaging your entire unit. When that happens, the last resort is to go for a Thornton AC replacement, costing as much as $5,000.

    Very often, waiting will only cost you more money on repairs or possible replacements. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine, doesn’t it?

    Common Thornton Air Conditioner Problems

    Here are some of the AC troubles most frequently faced by Thornton homeowners and the question they most often ask us:

    Why Isn’t My AC Cooling?

    This possibly may be the question we get asked the most. There are a couple of reasons for what might be behind this, but usually, it has something to do with the condenser unit, which has different integral parts, such as:

    • Condenser Coil
    • Capacitor
    • Refrigerant
    • A Complex Set of Wiring

    If your AC isn’t cooling, you might hear gurgling sounds coming from the condenser unit or see water dripping from it.

    Why is My Central AC Giving an Unequal Supply of Cool Air?

    Another frequently asked question by Thornton homeowners. This mostly has to do with your ductwork and lack of equal air distribution. We do a superb job of cleaning up your ductwork and ensuring perfect air balancing, which leads to a defined supply of air to each room as per your need.

    Also, get your ductwork inspected for underlying issues like cracks, leaking air, inadequate duct sizes, and other problems which might damage your AC.

    Why Is There Water Leaking From My AC Unit?

    Most homeowners are alarmed after seeing water coming out of their AC units. The condenser turns warm air into cool air, and as a result, condensation takes place. The water droplets caught in a pan are drained out via a pipe. If you observe water dripping or leaking, turn off your AC system and give us a call to get an HVAC Thornton expert to visit you right away. This is mostly due to a clogged drain line, but the technician can only determine the actual cause after inspecting the unit.

    Now that you are familiar with various recurrent AC issues, you can make an informed decision to call the Thornton HVAC experts right away if such a problem arises. In case you face any other AC trouble, don’t take matters into your own hands. It can be unsafe. Call us. Let the HVAC experts handle the situation swiftly!

    Your Professional Thornton AC Repair Contractor

    Choosing a highly experienced Thornton AC Repairs company is all you need to extend the life of your air conditioning equipment and save you from costly repairs and high energy bills. JDs Plumbing offers all of the following:

    • NATE-certified HVAC technicians that don’t learn on the job. We provide them with the right set of tools, and equipment and even educate them as a part of keeping their NATE certifications.
    • Reliable Thornton AC Maintenance Plan that comes up with a 22-point pre-season tune up checklist.
    • There’s no point in doing great work if it cannot be delivered on time. We understand what happens when your AC unit stops working during the scorching heat. We’re here to help you.

    Just give us a call or book an appointment online and leave the rest to us.