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    Denver Expansion Tanks

    denver expansion tanks

    Do You Own a Water Heater Expansion Tank in Denver, CO?

    JD’s Plumbing can install all brands, sizes, and models of Denver expansion tanks for your home or business.

    When water is heated and increases in volume, this is called thermal expansion. Installing a thermal expansion tank can protect your system from the damaging effects of this increased pressure in your system. Negative effects of Thermal Expansion include damage to your water heater and decreased life of your home’s water fixtures and appliances. Even your water heaters system to relieve pressure (T&P) is not designed to take care of thermal expansion properly the way a tank will.

    When water is heated, it expands. While that’s a scientific fact virtually everyone learned sometime during their education, most homeowners don’t understand the principle applied to their home plumbing system. Typically, home water heaters are designed to hold a specific number of gallons. However, when the water in a 50-gallon water heater gets warmer, it can expand significantly. Where does that water go and how does it affect a home’s plumbing system?

    Backflow Valves Prevent Water From Backing Up

    Most Denver area homes are now equipped with backflow valves that prevent expanding water from moving backward into the supply line. That means the home’s system must, somehow, absorb the extra volume created when the water is heated. The solution is a Denver water heater expansion tank. The tank provides a way to absorb the extra volume of water without damaging the plumbing system.

    How are Expansion Tanks Installed?

    Even though, in theory, an expansion tank can be installed just about anywhere in the plumbing system, experts generally recommend it be installed in the cold water supply line between the system shutoff valve and the water heater. However, it’s really a matter of convenience, as there are situations where there is no acceptable location between the shutoff valve and the water heater to install the tank. It’s always a good idea to have a plumber evaluate a specific situation and determine where the best location would be.

    Are All Installations the Same?

    The short answer to that question is no, they’re not. Many of the expansion tanks marketed by big-box stores are designed to be installed in one position only. While that may work for a specific application, it still limits the number of areas where the tank can be installed. Water heater expansion tank Denver experts generally recommend tanks that can be installed in any position as they will make it simpler to place the tank in the best location possible.

    If your home was built without including a water heater expansion tank, JD’s Plumbing Service recommends installing one now to prevent a potential source of plumbing problems. To have an expert from JD’s Plumbing Service evaluate your need for an expansion tank, contact the office for an appointment today.