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    Westminster AC Repair

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    JD’s HVAC pros have got your back! We know how uncomfortable the Westminster summer heat can get. And if your AC breaks down during those hot summer days, the discomfort and stress get unbearable with the passage of time!

    Waiting for days to get your AC fixed is simply unacceptable and should not be the way forward.

    That’s why the HVAC pros at JD’s Plumbing are just a call away to solve all your AC troubles. We are there for you. Just give us a call!

    Our AC Repair Westminster Services

    Call us for emergency AC repairs or schedule an appointment, whichever suits you best. Our services aren’t just limited to fixing Westminster AC units in emergency situations. We do much more than that. Our NATE-certified experts are highly qualified professionals at comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and central heating systems, servicing, and tune-ups.

    If you’re confused about what exactly is wrong with your AC, give us a call for quick advice. We will guide and help you figure out what needs to be done.

    Our technicians are the best in Colorado to find out the root cause of problems, fix them, and make sure they don’t trouble you again.

    What to Do if Your Westminster AC Needs Repairs?

    Things can go wrong in a matter of a short time when your air conditioning stops working. Perhaps it requires to be serviced that was long overdue, or it needs repairs. It would be best if you got your ac back up and running as soon as you can without breaking the bank.

    There are many ways to tell if your air conditioner is in distress.

    Sometimes you might not even know that your AC unit has developed a problem. You see it running and assume that it is working exactly how it should be. We suggest that you get things under control before problems start going beyond your control. The AC usually doesn’t break down all of a sudden.

    There are some glaring signs that you should not ignore:

    • Indoor humidity increases while your ac is turned on.
    • Warm or uncooled air despite AC set at low temperature.
    • The thermostat turns on and off itself.
    • The cool air isn’t sufficient to keep your home cool.
    • Water dripping out of your indoor unit.
    • A foul odor and smell are coming out of your unit.
    • Unusually loud and strange sounds such as quirking, squeaking, rattling, or buzzing.

    Westminster Maintenance Check-ups

    Even though your AC is working fine, it’s been recommended to have a certified expert, like JD’s Plumbing service it at least once every year. If you keep using your Air Conditioner year after year without having it thoroughly serviced, it will eventually start developing problems and may even break down.

    We have observed debris coating up cooling units’ insides, making it work twice as hard to circulate cooled air.

    This extra effort not only damages your AC unit but also shoots up your energy consumption, which can be easily seen by observing your electricity bill.

    Why Choose JD’s Plumbing?

    JD’s Plumbing is the best in Westminster and Denver Metro area for all of your AC repair services. We aren’t just the most qualified and fastest AC repair pros in Westminster, we’re also the BEST!

    Our customers get the highest quality service at the best rates in all of Colorado.