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Furnace Safety Inspection in Denver, CO

JD's Plumbing is a leading Furnace Safety Inspection and HVAC Company in Denver, CO.

We’ve been in business for the last 25 years and our technicians are trained, licensed, and highly rated. At JD's Plumbing, we believe that safety should come before everything else, which is why we stress the importance of our annual Denver furnace safety inspection.

During the harshest Denver winters, you rely on your HVAC equipment to keep your home warm, cozy, and comfortable. But furnaces, just like any other electrical component, can break down, causing stress and anxiety. Instead of attempting  a DIY furnace inspection, call JDs Plumbing for a professional furnace inspection, and HVAC repair



Do I Need a Furnace Safety Inspection?

Your furnace requires a safety inspection at least twice a year - once before every fall and again before summer. This is done to ensure your furnace keeps working and fulfilling your heating and cooling needs. However, JD's Plumbing goes beyond a typical furnace inspection. We ensure your furnace is working flawlessly so that it doesn’t break down when you need it the most.

With Christmas right around the corner, Contact Us for a Denver Furnace Safety Inspection now. As temperatures have already started dipping to below zero, we strongly recommend you schedule a furnace inspection appointment today.

Here’s our 22-point Furnace Safety Inspection and Tune-up Checklist:

  • Checking for Hazardous Carbon Monoxide Gas Leaks
  • Lubricating Moving Parts
  • Cleaning Flame Sensor
  • Checking Wiring
  • Checking Gas Levels using Combustion Analyzer
  • Inspecting, Cleaning, and Replacing Clogged Air Filters
  • Cleaning Vent Pipes of Debris
  • Inspecting Blower Wheel for Balance and Cleanliness
  • Inspecting Pilot Light
  • Checking and Tightening Motor Belt
  • Inspecting Thermostat
  • Monitoring of Complete Heat Cycle
  • Inspecting Duct Pipes and Vents for Leakages
  • Cleaning Furnace
  • Inspecting and Testing Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Inspecting and Testing Circuit Breaker
  • Inspecting Airflow Performance
  • Checking for any Abnormal Noises
  • Performing Safety Inspection of Furnace Room
  • Testing Safety Controls
  • Performing Voltage Checks on Motors and All Electrical Equipment
  • Creating a Furnace Safety Report Highlighting Any Issues

Our Furnace Safety Report is a snapshot of your entire furnace in its current condition with all the problems highlighted and possible solutions with estimated charges. Instead of wasting your time, we provide you with accurate price estimates after a thorough inspection of your furnace.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

It is more economical to proceed with a furnace inspection than skip it to save some money. The issues JDs Plumbing highlights in a furnace Inspection are often caught before they become an expensive nightmare for you.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in Denver wait until a problem starts appearing. However, in most cases, problems only arise after the damage has already been done. While there is a DIY route to furnace maintenance, a proper inspection cannot be performed without help from the professionals. That’s where JDs Plumbing comes to your aid. 

Here are some of the benefits of furnace inspection and maintenance:

  • Extend Your Furnace’s Lifespan
  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Enjoy Even Heating Throughout Your Home
  • Prevent Costly Furnace Breakdowns
  • Reduce Costly Repairs
  • Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty

The best time for a furnace inspection is now. Please don’t delay it! Call JDs Plumbing to schedule an appointment. Our friendly professionals go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your furnace inspection.

Furnace Inspection and Heating Repairs in Aurora and Denver

While we charge a flat rate for a furnace inspection in Denver, CO, we will waive all our trip charges should you also proceed with repairs.
We understand that you need a quality Denver furnace inspection that doesn’t put a strain on your budget. We will not charge you more than what it costs for the furnace repairs or installation themselves.

Our experienced HVAC technicians do not learn on the job. We provide them with the right tools and training required to perform furnace repairs flawlessly. Here are some of the reasons you should consider us:

  • No overcharging for seasonal demands
  • No trip charge with any repairs
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • No over billing or “surprise” charges
  • Quick response times during emergencies
  • A team of licensed, trained, and experienced HVAC professionals
  • Servicing, repairing, and inspecting all type of makes and models

Furnace Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Furnace inspection in Denver, Colorado is also compulsory when selling your home. Before taking any action, call JDs Plumbing and get your furnace inspected for any issues. A potential home buyer will look at a home inspection report, making sure that the home they’re purchasing has a functioning furnace.

We will inspect and verify your furnace with a report highlighting our findings. This is important and checked by a home inspector.

Call JDs Plumbing now at 303.887.3356 to avoid costly breakdowns with your furnaces. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Trust the Denver Plumbing Experts, Schedule Service Today!

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