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    Video Camera Drain Inspection Denver

    There are many benefits to using video camera inspection. With a camera, the technician is able to correctly diagnose your current drain situations with ease and accuracy. JD’s plumbing service recommends the use of video camera inspection for identifying obstructions, leaks, clogs due to grease as well as lost jewelry or valuables.

    Denver Camera Video Drain Inspection

    During the video camera inspection, the technician will insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution camera into the pipes. The flexible rod allows for a complete visual inspection even around corners. The process allows the camera to record the depth and actual physical location of the problem. The images are then recorded and saved onto a CD for our customers to be able to view and better understand existing or potential problems. Your trained professional technician will be able to explain and diagnose all of your line issues and give you quick and complete peace of mind.

    JD’s plumbing service highly recommends the use of a video camera for ongoing drain problems such as repeated slow drains or backups. We also suggest a thorough video inspection of any new home that you are considering purchasing. Sewer/drain problems can be expensive and messy! Video cameras are now considered mainstream and essential in the diagnostic piece of the sewer line process.