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What To Know If You Are Re-Piping Your House

If your home is showing signs that it needs to be re-piped and you need to take this very seriously. 

Re-piping in fact, is an urgent matter for your home and not taking it seriously can lead to severe damages, which could be extremely costly if you don’t take care of them quickly.

However, it is very difficult to re-pipe your house and it needs to be done by an expert plumbing professional only.

Here are some essential elements that you ought to know when re-piping your home:

You May Experience Surprises:

When re-piping your house, you need an experienced plumbing service company to help you. When these professionals come to do the job, be prepared to for unknown issues to arise. 

For instance, corroded pipes, outdated and rusted fittings need to be replaced, and if they are found, and will become an extra expense. 

To have the best outcome possible, initiate the job only after you plan for all the miscellaneous expenditures.  

Leaking Slabs:

Leaking slabs are the most common causes of re-piping. This happens when the laid metallic pipes get corroded due to the soil and water on them.

So if you already have metallic pipes such as copper, getting the same material will likely be a bad idea.

You can either choose to re-route them or to get pipes that are made from a different material, like PVC. 

Polybutylene Pipes:

If your home piping was installed in the 1980s or 90s, there is a chance polybutylene piping was used. Homeowners whose homes were built in this time period know that this type of material can burst. 

If your house has polybutylene piping, you’ll likely need re-piping and plumbing services soon. 

PVC Piping: 

Metallic pipes are not only costly but are also subject to corrosion. 

Instead, you can opt for PVC pipes, which are long-lasting, durable, and soil-friendly. 

The Plumbers You Choose:

For any kind of plumbing repairs and services, including re-piping, it is essential to consult experienced, trained and licensed plumbers only.

Additionally, if you contact a good plumbing company, you should check their license and insurance policies, to see if they are legitimate.

Choosing to use an amateur plumber may cause more trouble than it’s worth, given it’s a lot more likely they will make mistakes.

So if you need a re-piping job in your home, consider all these factors, before hiring a plumbing service company for the job.  

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