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    How to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Denver

    When the chill of winter sets in, more than just your fingers and nose feel the effects of Jack Frost. Your home needs special care during the coldest of months. After all, everyone would prefer sitting by a cozy fire, curled up with a soft blanket, compared to cleaning up the mess that a frozen area of pipes will cause. 

    Keep reading to learn how to prevent pipes from freezing and keep your water line functioning correctly. 

    Keep the Water Running

    Thrifty homeowners will have a difficult time believing that running extra water will save them money. But you can protect your plumbing pipes and avoid a frozen pipe by allowing a small trickle of water to run constantly, especially in the evening when cold weather sets in. 

    You can save your calls to the plumber for the small leaky water pipes instead of the gushing burst frozen pipe.

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    Seal Your Crawl Spaces

    Exposure matters most when attempting to protect your pipes. Keep your cabinet doors under the sink open in the evening to expose your pipes to warm air. 

    Then close your crawl spaces to prevent excess cold air from harming your pipes. Keep as much warm air near your pipes as possible. 

    Insulate Your Pipes in Denver

    Invest a small amount of money in pipe insulation for the cold pipes in your house. This will prevent cold air from causing them to freeze and will help keep your water running smoothly. Uninsulated pipes on an exterior wall can burst during freezing weather, so begin with these pipes. 

    Insulating your pipes takes little money but can also save you a bundle on your energy bill. You can save money because your water will stay hotter longer. Experts estimate that insulated pipes raise water temperatures between 2 and 4 degrees compared to uninsulated pipes. 

    Thus, with insulated pipes, you do not have to wait as long for hot water and save water and money. 

    Use Heating Tape

    Experts claim heating tape is a fast, inexpensive way to save your pipes. You can have your thermostat set to a reasonable temperature, but that warmth may not reach into the bowels of your home, where your pipes feel the coldest.

    Heat tape only works if you install it before temperatures begin to dive. Protect your pipes by using heat tape now. 

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    Maintain Your Hoses

    When the forecast shows freezing temperatures, disconnect your hoses from your spigots. Turn off the outside water completely, and insulate the hoses you cannot disconnect. 

    You may find yourself doing some creative problem-solving as you protect your pipes. If you discover a frozen pipe, do not panic. Use a hair dryer to apply heat and thaw the affected areas slowly.  You can also use a space heater if the blow dryer is not accessible. 

    Study How to Prevent Frozen Pipes In Denver

    Before winter sets in, make studying how to prevent frozen pipes your evening focus. Then before you curl up with a blanket, take time to insulate your pipes, open a cabinet door, and run a trickle of water at night to avoid pipes from freezing and causing any water damage!

    Do you need a plumber? Contact us today if you need an excellent Denver plumber. We understand the weather that can wreak havoc on your plumbing, and we have the experience and resources to prevent and fix your plumbing problems.

    Whether you need a new water heater, garbage disposal, drain cleaning, or your pipes are frozen, we can provide the expert services required.  

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