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Sprinkler Winterization and Startup in Denver, CO

Sprinkler Winterization Denver, CO

Schedule with JD’s plumbing to have your system started and checked. We typically recommend waiting until the first few weeks in May to allow for any late Colorado snow falls. Our technicians will check your complete system by running it through all the zones , checking each one for optimum performance and adjusting heads etc. as needed and setting your clock.

A lush, green lawn is a gorgeous thing. Most homeowners dream of having a lawn their neighbors envy and, with the help of an irrigation system, this goal is easily achievable. However, the irrigation system must be maintained if it is to be of help, and one task that cannot be overlooked is Denver sprinkler winterization This process works to prevent damage to the irrigation system when temperatures drop. What steps must be carried out as part of a sprinkler winterization Denver program?

Sprinkler Winterization DenverThe purpose of winterizing the irrigation system is to prevent freeze damage. There are three ways to remove water from the system. The system may be manually drained by opening the drain valves and releasing the water. Automatic drain systems require the owner do nothing more than activate the station designed to relieve any pressure in the system. Some irrigation systems now have both manual drain components and automatic ones, and homeowners need to be aware of which method their system uses. The blow out method is preferred and should be used when the homeowner does not know which type of water removal system they have. This method makes use of compressed air and requires a minimum of one irrigation control valve be open.

The irrigation system must also be restarted in the spring. The most important thing to remember when starting the system is that the water must be turned on slowly. Doing so too quickly can lead to a large water hammer that may damage the system. Most homeowners find that starting the system is as easy as slowly opening a value and allowing it to pressurize before fully opening it. For help with sprinkler system startup in Denver, CO, don't hesitate to call on the professionals at JD's Plumbing Service.

Winterizing a system and restarting it in the spring are tasks that not every homeowner wants to carry out. For this reason, they turn to the professionals to take on these chores. Contact JD's Plumbing Service for help with these and other tasks related to an irrigation system. Our company works with sprinklers every day and can be of great help in caring for the system and completing repairs when needed. Don't let the system break down, as repairs can be costly if delayed. Regularly maintain the system and properly winterize for great results and a beautiful lawn.

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