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    13 Plumbing Tips for Denver Homeowners

    Plumbing Tips That Plumbers in Denver Might not Inform you About

    No matter how efficient or well-put-together your home is, you still need timely plumbing checkups to ensure everything stays in good working order. That’s why we put together this article with 13 Plumbing Tips for Denver Homeowners.

    Denver Plumbing issues can pop up at very unexpected times and can be a huge hassle. That said, if you have a plumber that you use regularly and trust, you can often catch these issues before they turn into major problems.

    However, even the most trustworthy plumbers do not inform you of a few plumbing secrets. Here of these commonly unknown facts about plumbing:

    1. Some products with ‘flushable’ labels are not actually flushable. They do not decompose and can clog your toilets. Beware when flushing these types of products!
    2. The leftover fat after cooking meat should not be poured down the drain. It can harden with time and may require a plumbing service to clear out if it gets too backed up.
    3. Do you put a brick in your toilet tank in an effort to save water? This is of no use at all. Instead, it prevents your toilet from getting flushed correctly.
    4. Buying a new house? You can call a plumbing service agency to check the underground draining system and ensure there are no major issues with it. These types of issues are generally not visible to the home inspectors.
    5. Human hair is one of the biggest issues with drains and could be a major reason why your drains get clogged. Get a strainer to prevent these types of clogs.
    6. Many harsh, chemical drain cleaners do more harm to your drains than good. You may use them to dissolve the clog and could dissolve your pipes instead.
    7. You can pay the plumbers according to the job and instead of the number of hours. Remember this as it can help save you money in the long run.
    8. Some plumbing jobs can be done yourself and are easy to fix. For instance, a toilet flush handle costs very little and is easy to fix. However, a plumber may charge about $100 to come out and fix it for you.
    9. Is your water bill getting very high? There could be a hidden leak. Call an expert plumber and check it immediately to prevent any major troubles. It would also be good to check for any major water leaks under the house.
    10. If your water pipes are out and exposed, do not use these to hang things on. These could rupture under pressure and cost much money to replace.
    11. Replacing an old toilet seat can be a very easy task with a few simple tools. Search online for a tutorial video, and you can likely do this yourself.
    12. Never ignore running toilets or drips. Even small things like this can become much bigger problems over time and may need a major overhaul if left unaddressed.
    13. If you are consulting a reputable plumbing service agency, you can expect high-quality services and a bit of extra cost than normal, which is completely justified.

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    These are some of the plumbing tips that most plumbers in Denver might not inform you about. However, if you keep track of these, you can expect quality services while saving much of your costs too.

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