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    Garage Cooling Solutions: Tips To Help You Beat The Heat in Denver

    It is estimated that 55% of homeowners spend 1 or 2 hours in their garage weekly. That’s because many use their garage for working on their cars, hobbies, or exercise. 

    Now imagine you want to spend more time than that in your garage, but you just can’t because it’s way too hot to be in there for more than 10 minutes. 

    Sounds miserable, right? But knowing how to keep a garage cool is so important during the summer. You may need to install an AC Unit in your garage. A cool garage allows you to get things done in your garage in a comfortable way. 

    So if you need some garage cooling solutions, keep reading so we can help you stay cool this summer! 

    Wall Insulation

    Arguably, installing good or better insulation is the first step you need to take when trying to cool your garage.

    Most garages aren’t heavily packed with great insulation. And the problem with this is that cool air can’t be kept inside the garage.

    The great thing about this option is the cost. It’s a one-time expense that will be put to good use for years to come. It can even increase your home’s value if done the right way. 

    Putting insulation in your attic, walls, and even garage door can make a massive difference in temperature. Using batt or roll insulation can make the process quick and easy. 

    Air Conditioner

    While installing an air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to cool down a garage. However, it might also be the most expensive solution. 

    But air conditioning can be essential to those who use their garage every day. Due to all of the time they spend there, comfort is a priority. 

    And using an AC for garage cooling is a guaranteed way to keep the space as cool as the rest of your home. 

    Some great air conditioning options can include central AC, window units, or a ductless wall-mounted mini-split. Your best choice for AC installation in Denver depends on the way your garage is set up.


    If you’re looking for a cheap solution, fans are a great way to move the air in your garage. You could install a ceiling fan that will circulate cool air throughout. They won’t necessarily make the temperature lower than outside, but the airflow will definitely make a difference. 

    It may take some strategy, but the main reason they help is that they push the hot air out of the garage. So if you have multiple fans, place a couple to blow the hot air outwards. And then face one towards you to get a breeze. 

    Some fan options can include box fans, standing fans, and high-powered shop fans. 

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    Air Ventilation 

    Air ventilation can have multiple uses in your garage. It can be used to remove hot air, evacuate fumes, or even bring in cool air. 

    The primary function of air vents is to remove the hot air. Roof vents are perfect for this since hot air rises. And the vents allow all of that air to escape. 

    These roof vents can also bring in cooler night air when the temperature outside is cooler than inside your garage. 

    Roof vents are usually the spinning turbines seen from atop the roof. And lesser standard options include wall-mounted vents. 

    Cool Your Car

    Cooling your car is a simple and easy way to ensure you don’t bring up the garage temperature at all.

    So remember, after your car has been running, it gives off a lot of heat. This heat then radiates off the floor and walls, creating an unnecessary rise in temperature.

    And that heat can be emitted for hours. That’s why it is essential to let your car cool off outside before bringing it in. 

    Light Colored Paint

    Now, this option might not make the most significant difference in the world. However, a few degrees cooler might be all you need to be comfortable to be able to work in your garage. 

    It is no secret that dark colors absorb more sunlight and heat. So if the exterior of your garage is painted in a darker color, it may be wise to consider repainting to a lighter color. 

    Lighter colors on the exterior walls and garage door are needed for this choice to be able to work well. Try colors like white, light gray, or tan. 

    And painting your garage isn’t an overpriced option to reduce the heat. 

    paint colors

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    Reduce Clutter

    Clutter is not only a sight for sore eyes, but it can impact your garage’s airflow. 

    This is because densely packed garages obstruct how the air moves. And that not only blocks the air in certain places but also disrupts the smooth flow of air. 

    So try getting rid of things you don’t need. Or install proper storage like cabinets, shelves, or wall mounts. 


    Humidity, no doubt, makes the air feel a lot hotter than it is. And usually, this causes you to overheat and sweat profusely. 

    But having a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air can help tremendously. This will make the air feel cooler and easier to breathe. 

    These work best in conjunction with another option. Try using a dehumidifier with a fan or air conditioner for optimal results. 

    And thankfully, humidifiers won’t break the bank and are perfect for year-round use. 

    Garage Cooling Solutions

    Now hopefully, these garage cooling solutions can help you make the most out of your garage this year.

    That way, the risks of a hot garage are reduced, and you don’t sweat every time you step foot in there. And you’ll be able to enjoy your space at a comfortable temperature each day. 

    So if you are interested in any type of Denver AC repairs or installations, schedule your service with us, JD’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, today!